Can I Make Money Buying & Selling Antique Books?

ten 100 dollar bills

I’m surprised at the number of people who are genuinely curious on whether it’s possible to make money selling antique books. The market for collectible first editions is huge and it’s not getting smaller. While many new technologies, apps, and tools can mean there’s more competition to the old school book hounds versus the new …

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Best Apps for Book Sellers

boxes old books sale

Among the many tools at the disposal of young book hounds are apps designed for book buyers and sellers. Some of the smartphone apps are based around organizing libraries, others at checking prices, and others still put plenty of listed titles up on auction at your fingertips. While many predicted that the wired world of …

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Book Hounds: Old School Vs New School

used book store

There’s no question that times have changed for book hounds. Back in 2005 when I first got into this as a hobby, flipping wasn’t a common term and there certainly weren’t smartphones with dozens of apps designed to scan and identify valuable antiques of all types. Back when my parents were learning the ropes of …

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Are Old Books Valuable?

Golden Censer engraving

One thing that has been interesting to watch with the growth of flipping channels, shows like American Picker, and the explosion of YouTube (and society’s obsession with side hustles) is watching something like antique book flipping, something that used to be incredibly niche, going very mainstream. This is to the dismay of some of us …

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What Are Uncut Pages And Why Do Some Books Have Them?

uncut pages antique book

One thing about being a bookhound is that you are always going to eventually run across something different, something weird, something interesting. Whether it was wood cut prints a few centuries old to books too damaged to be valuable but with crazy illustrations on good pages in the interior or uncut pages, there’s always something …

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My Greatest Book Hound Treasure

sinclair lewis in 1930

Everyone who has been a bookhound for any amount of time has a story to tell. We all have those stories of insane finds, of huge letdowns, of that book that would have been a thousand dollar find if it didn’t have a giant library stamp on the front cover, inside page, and back cover …

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