Are Paperback First Edition Books Valuable?

giant paperback book collection

Most of the discussion on this website about valuable antique books has been all about hardcovers, and there’s a reason for that. The first version of any book put out is almost always a hardcover, so for collectors the true first printing/first edition will be the hardcover version – which now has dust jacket and …

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How Much Is an Ayn Rand First Edition Worth?

The Fountainhead ayn rand

It’s safe to say Ayn Rand is one of the most controversial author figures of the 20th century and her work (as many that form a political basis or discourse) is either revered or reviled without a lot of middle ground to it. During her life time she had five full novels published, many of …

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How to Date Antique Books

old hardcover book to date

I spent a lot of time with 20th century American literature when it came to antique books, which made it much easier to date them as even books in the early 1900s generally would have a copyright page from most major or even mid-sized book publishers. This made my search for publication dates easy as …

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What’s the Difference Between First Edition and First Printing?

first printing page antique book

If you’re going to make money buying and selling first edition books, or “book flipping” collectible books, then you’d better learn the difference between a first edition and a first printing! While this might not be a big deal for readers, it’s absolutely huge for book collectors, book hounds, and antique book sellers. A first …

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