About Me

Ironically my love for antique books started because I mistook Sinclair Lewis for Upton Sinclair. Embarrassing mistake for an English major for sure, but in fairness those two literary legends rarely make the syllabus anymore (shame).

So I started researching Sinclair Lewis. The more I learned about him, the more amazed I was that this giant of a literary figure was widely forgotten in many circles. Arguably he had a bigger impact and was ahead of the curve socially of other giants of the time who are household names like Hemingway, Steinbeck, or Faulkner.

Because of this, it was easy to find some of his oldest books and that quickly led me into the world of antique books.

This is a hobby, a passion, a love.

This pulls together antiques, history, literature, and a sense of treasure hunting. That is a truly great combination and is part of the reason that I absolutely love hunting for antique books.

Not to mention that this combines the “need” (excuse?) to:

  • Scour listings on eBay
  • Visit garage sales
  • Visit flea markets
  • Visit library sales
  • Visit local auctions
  • Visit estate auctions

Not that I really need an excuse to do those things, but call them mutually beneficial perks of the hobby 🙂

This blog is going to be all about being a book hound, antique books, antique book stories, and more.

I hope you enjoy!