What Are Remainder Marks?

stack of marked remaindered books

Remainder marks are an important marking that clearly denote certain information about hardcover books and do affect the potential value of a collectible book if you are looking at them for that reason. Remainder marks are marks made on hardcover books that are considered excess by the publisher. This marks them to be sold at …

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How Many Pages Are In Dune?

desert sand dunes

Dune, by Frank Herbert, is one of the all-time classic science fiction books, and it’s a sizeable read. Many people are also confused because if they pay attention when shopping for a copy, it seems like the book can have anywhere from 400 to nearly 900 pages…how can there be such a difference in book …

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Is Reading A Hobby?

woman reading book on couch

I never understood the idea that reading isn’t a hobby. While I get that for many people the experience of reading came from being forced to do it at school with books that were outdated, uninteresting, or otherwise just not a great choice. The idea that people read for fun throws some people off, and …

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Can I Make Money Buying & Selling Antique Books?

ten 100 dollar bills

I’m surprised at the number of people who are genuinely curious on whether it’s possible to make money selling antique books. The market for collectible first editions is huge and it’s not getting smaller. While many new technologies, apps, and tools can mean there’s more competition to the old school book hounds versus the new …

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Why Are Chapters Used In Books?

open morning book

Sometimes the simplest questions are the ones that can be the biggest head scratchers, as well. Anyone who has ever had their 4 year old ask them a simple question about the world that made you stop and go “Huh?” know that feeling. There are certain practices that are more hard and fast rules when …

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Just How Many Books Did J.R.R. Tolkien Write?

JRR Tolkien 1925

J.R.R. Tolkien is a figure that is considered by many to be the grandfather of modern high fantasy fiction. While academics can argue and point out there were fantasy authors in his time and even before, it’s hard to deny the incredible influence that this author had on the genre. Most famous for his fictional …

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Are Paperback First Edition Books Valuable?

giant paperback book collection

Most of the discussion on this website about valuable antique books has been all about hardcovers, and there’s a reason for that. The first version of any book put out is almost always a hardcover, so for collectors the true first printing/first edition will be the hardcover version – which now has dust jacket and …

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How Many Books Should You Read in a Month?

reading in the park

At this point there aren’t going to be many arguments about whether or not reading is good for you. As long as you’re not reading complete mind-numbing trash, it’s accepted as a great habit and even reading that other stuff can have cognitive benefits. What’s interesting to me in today’s “Always Grind” society is the …

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Is Reading A Waste of Time?

couple reading book outside

It’s an online world, right? Whether or not you believe the MetaVerse will work out, it’s hard to argue that the Internet affects everything – politics, business, retail, education. Books were long seen as one of the main forms of education and advancement. They were a way to learn, a way to advance yourself, a …

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