Best Way to Display Antique Books

first edition books wood shelves

Even if you’re not going to read an antique book, and there are good reasons for not, showing them off is a major part of having an impressive collection. The problem is that many common ways of stacking, shelving, or otherwise showing off books can actually cause wear or damage over the long-term, especially on …

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Are Old Books Valuable?

Golden Censer engraving

One thing that has been interesting to watch with the growth of flipping channels, shows like American Picker, and the explosion of YouTube (and society’s obsession with side hustles) is watching something like antique book flipping, something that used to be incredibly niche, going very mainstream. This is to the dismay of some of us …

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What Are Uncut Pages And Why Do Some Books Have Them?

uncut pages antique book

One thing about being a bookhound is that you are always going to eventually run across something different, something weird, something interesting. Whether it was wood cut prints a few centuries old to books too damaged to be valuable but with crazy illustrations on good pages in the interior or uncut pages, there’s always something …

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Sinclair Lewis Antique Books

Sinclair Lewis Public Domain Portrait

This is a topic that is extremely close to my heart, and with good reason. Sinclair Lewis first edition novels are valuable collectibles, as this oft-forgotten author’s influence on American literature and American society can’t be underestimated. In his time he was a literary giant, someone everyone during the times of Hemingway, Faulkner, Fitzgerald, and …

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What Are the Conditions in Antique Book Collecting?

2003 antique book guide

If you are going to get into the world of collecting rare books then you definitely will need to learn how to tell the various conditions apart. This includes not only the widely recognized conditions for used books but also many “non-official” grades that are still widely used to help further delineate the condition of …

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What’s the Difference Between First Edition and First Printing?

first printing page antique book

If you’re going to make money buying and selling first edition books, or “book flipping” collectible books, then you’d better learn the difference between a first edition and a first printing! While this might not be a big deal for readers, it’s absolutely huge for book collectors, book hounds, and antique book sellers. A first …

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My Greatest Book Hound Treasure

sinclair lewis in 1930

Everyone who has been a bookhound for any amount of time has a story to tell. We all have those stories of insane finds, of huge letdowns, of that book that would have been a thousand dollar find if it didn’t have a giant library stamp on the front cover, inside page, and back cover …

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Welcome to What’s Your Book Worth!

Dantes Inferno Old Copy

Thanks for stopping by! Being a book hound is something I got into all the way back in 2004. This started as a lovely accident mixing up Sinclair Lewis and Upton Sinclair. Embarrassing for an English major and history enthusiasts, but it was a mistake that led to me fully discovering Sinclair Lewis – and …

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