Why Are Famous First Editions Less Valuable?

Hike and the Aeroplane

If you’re new to the world of antique book collecting, being a book hound, or flipping antiques, you might be surprised to learn that quite often the most valuable first editions/first printings of an author are often times relatively unknown titles. Meanwhile, the famous books the authors are known for are valuable, but sometimes a …

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How Much Is an Ayn Rand First Edition Worth?

The Fountainhead ayn rand

It’s safe to say Ayn Rand is one of the most controversial author figures of the 20th century and her work (as many that form a political basis or discourse) is either revered or reviled without a lot of middle ground to it. During her life time she had five full novels published, many of …

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What Do Libraries Do with Old Books?

boxes books at book sale

Many libraries have a limited amount of space. I grew up with a great small town library but even their new building had only so much space for book shelves, new books, and even storage for boxes of books when they had their annual fundraising sale. So with constant new titles coming in, how do …

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How to Clean Old Leather Books

old leather books on shelf

I’ve always loved old antique books because there was so much story dripping out of every one. Not just the words on the paper, but the history surrounding the book, imagining the age of pages that were often older than my grandparents or even great grandparents, the history of where that book must have been …

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Are Books Dying? The Answer Might Surprise You!

man reading in field

What more appropriate way to open an article about books than with a Mark Twain quote: “Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.” The same could be said to apply to the general “common knowledge” that books are dying. While there are certain areas where books are in decline depending on what numbers you’re …

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How Many Books Can You Read at the Same Time?

pile school books

One of the common questions I hear is how many books can a person read at the same time. While an obvious answer is “As many as you want,” does that really answer the question? I’d say no, because that answer is missing the point of this question. This isn’t about sheer numbers, but it …

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What Order Should I Read the Robert Greene Books?

Robert Greene Books on Bedspread

Robert Greene is an author who has garnered a lot of controversy for different reasons depending on the groups. His books deep diving topics like power, charisma, seduction, and leadership are either lauded or reviled – once again, based on who you talk to. Even the general look at the books varies within different demographic …

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How Many Books Did Hemingway Write?

ernest hemingway typing

This is a straight forward enough question, isn’t it? How many books did one of the most famous writers in American history write? Well…maybe not. There are the many books Hemingway wrote that were published in his lifetime, both fiction and non-fiction, but do you count the creative pamphlets (a common practice among many budding …

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